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Results of Land Use Public Survey

The Sussex county anonymous land use public Survey is now available.
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Comments from the Board Exercise from the First Round of Public Meetings

Lewes 9-26-16

Cape Henlopen State Park and low taxes. Will pay more to improve transportation flow.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes, beaches, bike trails.

Recreational facilities, beaches, Henlopen Park.

Lots of good things to do, volunteer opportunities, music-arts. Cape Henlopen State Park!

Parks, taxes, ocean/bay.

Low taxes.

Peace and quiet at Red Mill Pond.

Clean beaches.

Protect the coastal zone.

Access to beaches.


Pristine beauty and agricultural draw that make Sussex beautiful. We need to protect those with tough rules like Cape Cod and Sonoma.

Friendly environment, recreational opportunities, wide range of activities. Beaches! Parks!

Open spaces, beaches, state park, history.

Cape Henlopen State Park.

Bike/walking trails.

Small and rural life.

Potential economic opportunities.

Taxes, friendly people, farmlands!!! (Let’s keep them)

Proximity to bay/ocean, farms, open space.

Bike trails.

The beaches and keeping clean water.

Protect the farms.

Wonderful culinary offerings.

Undeveloped space, access to beach, low taxes.

Rural view corridor from Wilmington south! So beautiful!

Beaches, taxes, tax-free shopping, bicycle friendly.

Protect farms and environment, preserve forest land and farm land.

Recreational activities.

Quiet and serene setting (keep it that way).

Friendly neighborhood, coastal region, senior friendly.

Farm land, forests.


Weather beaches and laid back life style.

Marine environment, agricultural environment, beautiful! Natural beauty.

Beautiful area, farms, beach, bike paths, Henlopen State Park, Nice people (Not N.J.).

Beach, history, quaintness, farmland, activities, restaurants, bike trails.

Natural beauty.

Tourists, bicycle friendly, small town feel.

The bays, the creeks, the forests, the farmland.

The natural beauty, lack of ambient light so we can see the Milky Way! Neighborliness, culinary delights.

Living among a diverse population with lots of cultural opportunities, great restaurants, near the ocean. I am also impressed with the social consciousness of the people I meet .

History (Colonial, Native American), open space, rural roads, tree lined roads, small towns with busy stores.

Our life style.

Cape Henlopen State Park, Fort Miles, natural beauty, beaches.

Agricultural and open space.

Natural resources, parkland, open space, farms. Don’t ruin it all!

Pristine natural resources. Need to be preserved.

Low taxes, semi-rural environment, access to recreation/beaches.

Open space all along Rt 1 πŸ™‚

Used to be peaceful uncongested area before all the shopping centers, etc.

Weather, beaches, ocean/bay, friendly people.

Love the beach, the winters, bike and walking trails, the woods, the farms, the ocean.

Protected open space.

Friendly folks, low taxes, Cape Henlopen Park and trails.

Taxes, convenience, people.

The diversity: farmers, coast line, ocean/bay, history, cultural assets.

Walking and bike trails!

Forward thinking, open to change.

Fishing and natural resources.

Taxes, beaches – undeveloped, people.

Beautiful beaches and landscape, gastronomic delights.

Plan for driverless cars. Complete community for Peddlers Village area.

Even though it may increase taxes, County should be responsible for development roadways, i.e. repave, snow removal, etc.

Developers are not seen accountable for roadways R/T new developments.

More sidewalks or areas on roadway for scooters, walkers and bicyclists. Be more attuned to demographics.

Review some roadways that are potential hazards i.e. “elbows,” 4-way stops, or obstructed view stops.

Use early 2000’s McCormick Taylor Route 24 Planning Study. Develop Route 24 TID, Route 30 – Route 1.

Too many cars coming from too many developments. Need a plan!

Implement the Kings Highway Master Plan.

No more development until roads are built – need a moratorium.

Over-development on Route 1, especially planned implementation of Overbrook Town Center.

Failure to pass costs of transportation improvements to the developers. Example – Overbrook Town Center.

State strategies say they encourage development in Level 1 and especially redevelopment. However, state regulations do not encourage. Mostly discourage because treated same as Level 4. Level 1 built up ROWs, utilities, etc. More costly, need incentives.

Route 1 has commuter and tourist traffic peaks that need to be considered along with other considerations.

Challenge is to widen the roads where there’s no areas to widen them. Too much development.

Route 16 should be signed as way to/from beaches. Way quicker than Rt 404 and lots of open and cheap land plan for E-W dual lane highway.

Rt 1 south from Rt 16 to Rehoboth Beach.

Utilization of golf carts on multi-modal trails and old easements from past “Grid Road” concepts.

Implement the Lewes Byways Plan. Don’t let it gather dust.

Need to require developers to set aside land along roads to allow for expansion. E.g. 2 lane to 4 lane and turn offs in the future.

Rt 1/Rt 16 signal should remain. Improvement removing signal is for Pennsylvania Navy not Sussex County residents.

Route 1 / Cave Neck Road – Need grade separated intersection. Cannot remove Rt 1 / Rt 16 signal without grade separating Rt 1 / Cave Neck Road or will create new problems like South Milford and North Frederica.

The transportation improvement district must have public input before adoption into the comp plan, especially the boundaries. It will dictate land uses that must be vetted as part of land use/ Comp Plan process.

Stop development until roads are ready. Plan first. Five points great example.

Poor road construction and planning.

Cave Neck Road and Route 1.

Need a comprehensive regional transportation plan including public transit.

No TID before the new comprehensive plan is completed.

Instead of TIDs need master plan in greater Lewes area to take the comprehensive long view.

No TIDs until all Council members understand what they are doing.

Infrastructure not developed to support growth i.e. new road.

Bus routes for people who don’t drive.

Intersection of Warrington and Old Landing take too long to get thru.

Not enough public transportation, Not enough North South roads, Not enough East-West rounds, Need developers to help pay for infrastructure.

Lack of suitable infrastructure.

Kings Highway – need dual lanes each direction from Dartmouth Drive to Freeman Highway. Identified by 2007-2008 DelDOT Planning Kings Highway Corridor Study.

Too much traffic on Rt 1. Traffic speed limit too high north of 5 points. Lack of traffic lights from Rt 16 south to Rt 9.

Old Landing Road / Warrington Road. DelDOT has > $500,000 in developer funding to improve all-way stop. Has since 2007. Why no improvements? When planned?

Bus service between beaches Lewes to Fenwick (much like OC) to reduce traffic.

Better bus route to reach coastal area.

Rt 9, Rt 113, Rt 18/404, Rt 13 back roads with traffic.

Implement Kings Highway Master Plan. No overpass at Five Points.

Add landscaping to road improvements!

Five Points Rt 1 North & South.

Lack of inter-connectivity between developments b/c the HOA’s own the roads and are responsible for their repairs.

Lack of connective roads between commercial and residential developments place extra burden on existing roadways.

Bus system to beaches during summer season better traffic lights. Consider alternate for Rt 1.

Warrington Road sohuld be one way only from Old Landing Rd to Rt 24.

County Council needs to STOP saying yes to friend developers. New developments cost money to roads, schools, and infrastructure.

The 3 access routes to Lewes are overwhelmed with traffic during peak season with more on the weekend.

Bypasses area 5 Pts, Lower speed limit on Rt 1 south of Nassau. Signage at 113/1 split with times to Bethany and points south.

Rt 24 Love Creek to Rt 1. Approximately 1 mile long daily commuter backup. Need dual EB lanes. Early 2000’s DelDOT Planning Study by McCormick Taylor identified as need.

Lack of right of way preserved for future road expansion to four lanes on Route 9 – Lewes to Georgetown. Also need to keep density limited so 2 lanes work today.

Proper turning lanes, Bike safety lanes.

The County gives too much power to developers who are allowed to pay for road improvements that are only band-aid fixes.

Rt 1 all year.

Access to public transportation to regional centers: Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, airports.

Trying to have our road capacity catch up with the increasing level of traffic congestion with more developments coming all the time!

Sussex County Council needs to stop approving developments as roads can’t handle traffic.

Pilottown Rd is a danger for cars need to exit in a crisis.

Install pedestrian bridges over Route 1.

More roads that parallel Rt 1 – balancing infrastructure with new development and adequately funding it.

Rt 24 needs to be widened.

Too much traffic compared to road capacity. More public transportation needed to major hubs: Wilmington, NYC.

How do people without cars or older people who cannot drive get to their destinations: doctors, groceries, appts for all kinds?

Extend Monroe Avenue to Gills Neck Road to alleviate traffic at Main St and Gills Neck Road – Light at Monroe and library.

Too little public transportation for seniors.

Only 2.5 N/S highways out of area. In case of an emergency, everyone needs to access those roads. Disaster.
Cape region traffic is at a drastic level!

Our primary evacuation routes flood: Rt 1, New Road, Savannah Rd, Kings Highway.

Lack of thoughtful, comprehensive transportation and land use plan for Gills Neck Rd / Kings Highway and also New Road.

SR I thru Rehoboth, Bike/ped, Transit in East Sussex.

Five Points is a mess.

  1. Too much traffic.
  2. No infrastructure to support horrendous building developments
  3. Not enough public transportation

Amtrak needs to come into Georgetown, or to the beaches. Or “light rail.” That would transform the employment base! Plus connect Sussex to the Wilmington / PHL airport areas.

Cheaper transport for seniors.

Flooding on plantations, too many cars for the roads.

Flooding on Pilottown / New Road – Emergency Road out of Lewes.

Need increase in public transport and medical transportation.

Don’t have contractors / builders complete or approve building without input from the public / DelDOT roads can’t support all the influx.

Inadequate planning, dangerous access to major roads.

East-west access: Route 9, Route 24, Route 26.

Route 24, You’re kidding. Cannot handle additional development.

We’ve reached a tipping point. Roads cannot handle existing traffic.

County needs to adopt state standards for subdivision roads.

Get serious about eminent domain – pay people fairly and get projects moving – pace is way too slow.

Biggest challenge – Route 1. Need to be VERY forward thinking – double-decker roadway over Route 1 south/north local traffic only exits.

Adopt and integrate corridor management plan for Lewes scenic and historic byway. Adopt and integrate Master Plan for Kings Highway / Gills Neck.

East-west corridors squeezed by new residential development. Rt 9, Rt 24.

Too much density along already congested roads – Especially Gills Neck Rd/ Kings Highway corridor.

Haphazard roads and traffic routing needs to be improved using logic not expediency.

Five points is a disaster and is only going to get worse with all the new development down Beaver Dam Road.

Sussex County Council must coordinate with DelDOT and upgrade road requirements to DelDOT standards.

IMPERATIVE: Sussex County Council MUST integrate transportation requirements with ALL development plans.

Roads in new development built to state specs. Issues with private road access by emergency and public transportation.

Tourism being negatively impacted, Traffic congestion – awful, County approving too much development, Inadequate infrastructure, Need an updated zoning plan to regulate growth, Taxes too low – attracting too many people, Loss of open space that people come here for!

Don’t approve land use changes based on old information, Traffic studies should not be older than 5 years and less. There have been many changes.

Wacky zoning! Houses next to businesses and vice versa. A gun store across from residences? (Hebron Rd. Rehoboth).


  • Poor water source
  • Poor housing (high price, bad condition)

Need to limit development from Route 1 (north of Lewes) toward Bay – preserve our watershed.

Save the farms, Protect public water, Better low income housing.

Regional Planning is lacking!

Save some commercial land for Rt. 1 to Rt 16 – the NIMBYs should not control the entire County.

Infrastructure to support growth, Maintaining open space.

Balanced development near beaches.

Too much development without supporting infrastructure (roads).

End the practice of roads built to County standards.

More space from roads and houses (easement) to add for the future without harming homeowners property. Infrastructure!

  1. Concern our farmlands are getting eaten up by developments
  2. Too many developments
  3. Too high density building

Protecting Lewes well heads.

Loss of farmland to development, Can’t get it back – need more protective zoning.

Clean water, Smart growth.

Septic tank Zoning should not be 1 per 1/2 AC but 1 per 5.

  1. Reduce future development density
  2. Protect water sources
  3. Road interchanges improvements

Too much added density. Leave AR zoning alone.

Need to allow conditions on zoning changes or the ability to make a zoning contingent on site plan.

Balancing regulation & oversight with economic development growth.

Safe driving.

Cave Neck Rd to 5 Points on Route 1

  1. Traffic
  2. Too much commercial zoning

Open space development infrastructure.

Protecting our wellheads, Overdeveloping, Maintaining charm of Lewes, Traffic gridlock.

Maintaining a rural, agrarian ambiance along roadways.

If its so overcrowded and traffic is overbearing we are defeating the purpose of the quaintness of the area.

There should be no members of Sussex County Council or Planning and Zoning Commission members with business interest.

New Road traffic and ROW, Entire Lewes access.

  1. Too small property lots
  2. Too much traffic
  3. Too little infrastructure

The Sussex County Council is allowing too many houses per acre.

Traffic issues (Five points for example).

Coordination between state, county, and cities.

Continuing development with no thought for our future needs of farmland. Too much development with a greater risk of flooding. Traffic.

Need more access to public sewers, Failing private septic systems, Preservation of designated natural areas.

Water issues, Bad water issue.

Lack of attention to aesthetics of Rt 1 and other highway medians in Sussex County.

Lack of planning – infrastructure including, but not limited to road use, safety etc. I.e. real estate, commercial business, etc.

Traffic Route 1 and 24.

Provide more green-ways and tree buffers, What are the qualifications of Planning and Zoning Commissioners?

Need more zoning districts.

Farmland needs to be 1 acre for new subdivisions.

Poor planning

    • Returns on agricultural use of land Poor
    • Lack of jobs
    • Insistence on one method to keep taxes low – housing

We are losing our opportunity to have a beautiful gateway to Lewes – poor planning.

Make developers pay dearly for infrastructure improvements, Require many trees to be planted.

Save some commercial.

Seasonal traffic congestion, Affordable housing, Economic development.

  1. Create focus on Ag preservation
  2. Reduce sprawl
  3. Create community design standards

Require developers to plant native, appropriate trees and shrubs in buffers that support habitat, storm-water infiltration, and noise reduction. Crepe myrtles and arborvitae don’t cut it.

Require developers and planners to factor flooding, sea level rise, and other climate change into their designs and site plans.

It’s simple. Just don’t change the existing zoning (land use).

New building codes and zones needed for floodplain areas to promote resiliency from flooding.

Gills Neck Road / Kings Highway Corridor. We need a thoughtful traffic and land use plan for this corridor before new development is permitted.

Developing smart growth concepts to preserve what open land use left.

Protect our drinking water by restricting impervious surfaces and development in / near Lewes wellfield.

Growth, Our elected officials.

Improve traffic planning and ease congestion by requiring connective streets between new residential and commercial developments, investing in bus lanes and bike lanes and trolleys to shopping.

Over-development – too many homes, Congestion, Losing open space and trees!

Stopping lingo, Stopping development.

Creating and using an “Environmentally Sensitive Developing Overlay” – this has no teeth versus protecting the environment or our natural resources.

Open space along Rt 1 please πŸ™‚

Protecting the scenic and historic byways at Kings Highway / Gills Neck Rd (protect our heritage, protect the character of the byway, context sensitive land uses for this gateway to Lewes).

Require denser, deeper, larger forested and vegetated buffers between and around new development.

Planning, Planning, Planning, Smart growth.

Loss of open space, Loss of farms, Need low density development in environmental sensitive area, Water recharge areas are being built on and well head protection areas – inadequate regs.

Balancing East & West, Socially, Environmentally, Enrichment opportunities, Development.

Traffic congestion. Poor infrastructure and no solutions.

Control traffic issues – over-development, water and drainage problems.

Too much AR2 zoning.

Over-development of housing, Too much growth, too fast.

Adequate roads.

Over-development within the greater Lewes area east of Coastal Highway will ruin it. The natural resources and infrastructure cannot handle the load.

Traffic congestion to the point emergency vehicles can’t move!

Changing farm land to residential or commercial.

Over-development, Influence of realtors/developers, Infrastructure needed.

Clean water! Clean air!

Too many expensive homes, Affordable housing.

Over-development for area – infrastructure needs to be considered, Drinking water needs to be protected.

Don’t allow reliance on developer to handle excess pollution with compensating technology in wellhead and excellent recharge areas (its playing Russian roulette with our water).

Remove ALL direct water discharge and pilot/foster alternative technologies.

Model and integrate sea level rise into planning for water protection and land use.

Commission on updated hydrological survey, P&Z and Council should not be making decisions based on 13-year old report.

Adopt and help implement Center for Inland Bays Comprehensive Management Plan.

Beef up pollution and pesticide ordinance and controls.

Storm-water ordinances to protect aquifers, wellheads, and excellent recharge areas – current ones are too weak.

Implement controls to carefully manage % of impervious surface, especially in environmentally sensitive and excellent recharge areas.

Maintain our land quality.

Water pollution,Wildlife preservation.

Water pollution, Wetlands, Tax ditches.

Failure to recognize the importance of wetlands as our first line of defense against storm events.

Encourage density of development surrounded by protected open space.

Protecting open space – County should start buying it before it is gone! Protect Great Marsh – stop building on it!

Pollution in Inland Bays.

Protection of Lewes wellheads by limiting development and impervious surfaces.

Preserve the wetlands (they protect us).

Protect wellhead protection areas and water recharge areas or we will have salt water intrusion.

More conservation along Rt 24 and Rt 9 areas, Protect farmland.

Establish better County standards for waterway setbacks regarding flooding runoff pollution and sinking land.

Maintain the Great Marsh, Encourage and support farming.

The Great Marsh!

Create AG/Biz District along Route 13 corridor to increase farm profitability, possibly elsewhere too.

Please preserve farmland on Mulberry Knoll Road south of Rt 24 and forest too.

OVER-DEVELOPMENT – both residential and commercial.

Raw water in our bays.

End septics one per 1/2 acre — increase to one per 5 acres.

Protecting the wetlands.

Protecting our wetlands and our farmlands!

Keep oceans/beaches clean, Protect open space.

Protect marshes and lowland to offset sea level rise.

Great Marsh, No development along New Rd.

Preserve our farmland, Keep AR zoning to reduce major negative impacts of increases density with too much up-zoning.

Water quality in the Inland Bays.

Why infringe so close to environmentally sensitive areas and wildlife habitats? Irreplaceable resources!

Maintaining open/ag space, Water quality.

  1. No ocean dumping
  2. Clean up of polluted bays
  3. Clean drinking water

Wetlands (conserve them) and water quality.

Conserve natural space and beauty, Clean water, Clean air, Pollute our area and you kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Wetlands, Wildlife, Marsh lands.

Maintaining open space, Wetlands Flood prevention, It takes 1 acre of land to sequester enough rainwater to prevent flooding on 3.5 acres of adjacent land after only one inch of rain.

Natural beauty is being destroyed. Fourth St. forest plan is a disaster. The charm that draws people to this area is being destroyed.

Preserve Great Marsh, Preserve pond on Showfedd property as open space.

Maintain the wetlands and conservation areas on the east side of Route 1 from 5-points north to Milford.

Keep open space all along Rt 1 please.

With too much development – there will be increasing pollution of our wetlands. Chemicals used by both commercial and homeowner will be detrimental to our wildlife

Please protect green space and don’t give in to pressure, Require that trees be planted.

More green space not houses on every small piece of property.

Extremely polluted water in the creeks flowing into Inland Bays.

Saving safe public water

    • no raw waste
    • no building near wells

Green space.

Protecting aquifers from polluted runoffs.

Lack of funding for open space protection.

Cigarette butt litter. Seriously, it’s rampant, not punished, and hurting our wetlands and wildlife.

Preserve open space.

Protect our wetlands with greater buffers, setbacks, and lower density development.

Preparedness for future storms.

Coastal water level rise.

  1. We need more protected lands
  2. Challenge is how to come up with funds to buy and then set-aside more land

Groundwater (drinking), Ocean – as tourist.

Need to protect open space around the Bays – provide public access.

Preserve and protect wetlands and natural resources – Give the developers less influence.

Protect the aquifers!! Charge for plastic shopping bags.

Ditto – charge for plastic bags.

Develop an ordinance to control/restrict impervious surfaces.

Addressing the fact that 96% of inland waterways are unfishable and 86% unswimmable is insufferable.

Open spaces are disappearing, Need to treat water as an asset, Need to preserve trees!

Beach replenishment all along the Bay, including Slaughter Beach. Replenishing one area without doing the others put all the bayfront communities in jeopardy.

Require buffers of 200 feet around all waterways and wetlands.

Ordinance needed to restrict clear cutting of trees when developing land – replacing those trees with bushes is not the answer.

Septic systems.

The Inland Bays and preserving their purity.

More $ for state parks and open space.

Acquisition and then protection of open space needed.

Identify commercial zone in County and have zoning in place to encourage businesses.

Incentives for the biotech company that is interested in building in Sussex.

It is high time that State/County/municipalities learn to collaborate.

Attract businesses that don’t have an adverse affect on the environment.

Comp Plan should address coastal area as opposed to western Sussex in considering state strategies for development.

Jobs and fair housing to keep and attract younger generations.

Economic Development: any proposed ordinances set forth in comprehensive plan should include a financial impact statement as well as a job / employment impact statement.

Raise taxes to fund infrastructure and roadway improvements.

Fiber optic.

We need to subsidize mass bus use or jitney use.

More higher paying jobs. More diverse jobs.

Need for a cultural venue to host attractions that serve as a destination draw to Sussex.

Need commercial zones. And need sub-zones where like uses can be grouped.

When is enough, enough. Do we really want to be another Ocean City? NO!!

Build it (too much) and they will leave.

Stop approving sprawl with cul-de-sac communities. Its worsening all infrastructure issues and making them more expensive to address.

Fair and affordable housing is key to economic development and a livable county.

  1. More planning for overbuilding for housing
  2. No shopping centers east of Rt 1. Keep shopping to Rt 1

Pollution from wastewater to ocean.

Let’s have Council interview numerous candidates for any P&Z opening so a community planner type can be chosen.

More space leads to development building.

If developers want to build they need to develop roads to state standards.

Factor climate change (sea level rise and flooding in east) in designs and land use decisions.

Need affordable housing. Need to set a quota if necessary to attract people of all ages and economic levels.

Impact fees on new houses.

More senior housing and housing for moderate to low incomes.

Affordable housing near Rt 1 where people work.

To diversify the area, offer housing for all income levels!

Fair and affordable housing. Stepped up enforcement against slum lords.

Stop building til roads grow.

Integrate affordable housing into more affluent developments.

Severely limit high density housing.

Minimum lot sizes should at least be 1/2 acre. No houses closer than 30 feet between.

Developers should have to build and set aside land for affordable and low income housing and build it.

More affordable, quality housing for workers.

Build agri communities. Houses around a farm instead of a golf course.

Preserve historic homes and history of houses. Do not overbuild.

County funded parks and recreation.

Do not build and pave over it all.

Tree ordinances and protection of wetlands and open space.

Flexible buffers, bigger where needed. Fixed 50′ buffers along surface waters is often not adequate.

Acquire pond at Slowfedd development for public use/ open space.

Require trees be planted.

Require more open space / less density.

Save New Road and the Great Marsh. No development.

Retain farming on New Road.

Tree ordinance to preserve trees greater than 4 inches. Stop building unless roads improved.

Need a rec center like the one in Kent County.

Include bike lanes / walking path on all new roads and those being repaved.

Use the OTC proposed site as a multi functional athletic center – pools, tennis courts, indoor track, etc!

A tree commission needs to be established to review cutting trees. Water protection plan.

Bike lanes, bike paths – everywhere possible.

Please keep open space along Rt 1. Thanks πŸ™‚

Limit influence of developers in DelDOT and County decisions regarding TID.

Get better at it! County Council has to look long term and not neglect good ideas.

LISTEN County Council and receive help from DelDOT.

Jobs other than service type.

Close down the good ol’ boy network.

Listen to what the people want.

It’s not working and results in a lot of finger pointing with no results to show for it.

Get County and State DOT together preserve sufficient right of way for future road expansions.

Council needs to work at all levels.

County must talk to and cooperate with the State and the municipalities. Must listen to what the constituents want!

Listen to people, Work with other agencies.

Coordinate land use and DOT planning and implementation.

Listen to what the people want and need. You are supposed to represent us!

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

Work more closely with DelDOT.

Infrastructure access.

The new sign ordinance is inadequate. Limit changeable message boards. Ugly and distracting.

Historic preservation essential.

Ditto (the above).

Slow development. More roads to support these housing developments. Larger roads.

Create a clearing house to find rehabbers to preserve our older farm homes.

Restoration of old historic buildings is a huge draw to our area! It builds a legacy.

Need to manage both economic and residential development better. Also need much better infrastructure.

Medical, education services, roads not sufficient to support over building.

Fiber optic.

Prepare for global warming and sea level rise. Plan don’t react.

Area wide fiber optic for all.

Drinkable, bathable water in all areas, including Ellendale.

Impact fee for new houses.

Light rail or Amtrak into Sussex County, Bury high tension wires along Rt 1 that are unsightly.

Need County traffic engineer.

Elevated byway (highway) for Route 1 (thru traffic on upper level).

Health care providers are in high demand, considered this can be a high risk area. Health care providers for a high density, aging population. Also needed are more health professionals.

Stop allowing septic tanks in highly developed areas or near watersheds.

Fiber optic.

Better internet connectivity. Any competition with Comcast cable TV!

No residential development between Rt1 and Bay without sewer. No upzoning between Rt1 and Bay (Lewes on north).

Cheap sewer for all.

Migrate away from septic tanks to sewer.

Broad band.

Fiber optic.

Bicycle lanes on all connecting roads (Especially New Road).

Sewers on Bays.

Broad bank.

Pull out the stops to protect water/aquifers – Inland Bays to ocean.

More natural gas.

More competition for cable access. Why only Comcast? We need Verizon too.

More under-grounding of utilities (blight).

Natural gas should be more available. Propane is antiquated!

More use of solar and wind energy.

Natural gas.

County ordinances enable a Water Technical Advisory Committee, with at least three hydrologists. Put it into practice and have an objective knowledgeable team to advise on key land use decisions.

Millsboro 9-27-16

Access to water and beaches Natural beauty Low cost living.

Low taxes efficient government Close to the beach.

The people of Sussex County.

Like – quiet, land back, friendly, low taxes.

Small towns, very few tall buildings, excellent natural resources.

Fishing and commercial.


Quiet – welcoming community.

It’s clean, safe except for roads. I like Sussex Countians.

Beaches, Races, Access to outlets, Friendly people, A lot of restaurants, Recreation, Program at beach-shows.

Low taxes.

Beaches, Historic downtown’s.

The ocean!

Beach and coastal community, Small town feel, Great place to raise my children, Community pride, Low taxes.

This is home. Born here and lived here all my life.

Everything on the board.

Make neighborhoods interconnected with shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Advertise and more emphasis on public transportation (bus routes, etc).

Broaden public transportation throughout the county.

Concentration of traffic on 24/113 Sheep Pen Rd – Influx of new homeowners must be considered – reduce speed Rt 24 Rt 24 bypass – right in the middle of [illegible writing].

Have dedicated bike routes / lanes.

Lack of transport limits access to healthcare.

Additional public transportation.

Developers no DelDOT pay for road improvements.

Lack of dedicated transportation, Lack of dedicated bus stops.

Lack of a fund for developers to pay into to contribute to increased traffic volume and required improvements due to increase in residents from their project.

Traffic on Rt 9 especially during commute/bus hours is awful.

The absence of public transportation limits potential locations for affordable housing.

Dual east/west highway.

Fix Millsboro – the proposed bypass will help.

Traffic in towns – dead stop: Lewes, Millsboro, Georgetown.

We’ll need to extend Henlopen TID down Rte 24 clear to Millsboro or get started on another one for that area.

Congestion due to roadway and school planning (Rt 24 esp.). Ex: Beacon Middle School. What will happen with Love Creek Elementary too?!.

Include Love Creek bridge in the Henlopen TID or a new TID and widen it.

Alternate routes to Rt 1, Rt 113, and Rt 13

Land use should be tied to adequate roads.

Recreation area for multipurpose sports in Millsboro.

Closer NPDES site at Vlasic/Harim.

Affordable housing concerns:

  1. Cost of land east of Rt 113
  2. Parcels with access to services and public transportation.
  1. Loss of agriculture
  2. No more rezoning to permit higher density without planning to accommodate traffic

No new chicken farms (Millsboro area).

Protect the libraries – more libraries.

Open space

  • lack of Parks Department
  • Need for County parks and preservation of public open space

We need strong storm water control requirements in development plans.

Federal/state and County offices need to be centrally located i.e. Georgetown. Social Security needs to go back to Georgetown.

High density = more transportation but preserve open spaces.

Put a moratorium on development until the new comp plan is in effect. Then enforce it.

Start planning around Georgetown to make it become a full-service city.

Will farmland be able to be developed for a few lots for family members to live?

Zoning density, need for growth zones, something wrong with picture that 120 homes can go on 60 acres with no formal zoning change hearing!

More mixed use areas to make other uses accessible to residents on foot or bikes.

More Department stores near 24 and 113.

Priority to get business/growth. Allow TID type development along Rt 24 maybe Rt 9/404 to provide shopping for new communities. Also location of offices in Georgetown.

Expand Georgetown airport as place for new tech business.

Use transfer fee to buy land for open space.

Affordable high speed internet across everywhere.

Need more stores/restaurants in Millsboro area – Target Walmart steak houses – etc. Have to go out of Millsboro for major general stores and restaurants.

We need no more cul-de-sacs and more inter-connectivity of neighborhoods to reduce traffic on big roads.

Cleaning up ponds and water retention areas, Preserve parks, open spaces, natural areas, Drainage in developing areas is a problem.

Get Army Corp Engineers to dredge Indian River, put soils in Burton Island. Build back natural islands for wildlife.

Clean and dredge entire Indian River and Bay.

Protect the bays so more animals can have homes and trees can grow.

Bay preservation and protected forest Stop deforestation in new development.

Dredge and clean Indian River and Bay!

Runoff into Inland Bays, eventually into ocean. Rehoboth outfall regulations.

County Council should take responsibility for cleaning up the Bays

Acquiring and preservation of open space around the Inland Bays. Very few properties for public enjoyment.

Buffers from waterways, Forest conservation and preservation (similar to MD forest conservation act), Zoning density

Indian Bay needs to be kept alive.

Water access to the Inland Bays, public water access.

Preservation of open space. Permanent preservation. Public access to open space by way of parks and preserves.

Preserve forests.

County Parks and County Parks and Recreation Department. Actively pursuing open space for Sussex residents.

Preserving open space, Connected trail systems throughout the state to benefit communities.

Follow DNREC recommendations for preserving forest and protecting sensitive areas.

Acquisition of historically significant properties and sensitive wetlands (Delmarva Bays).

Follow DNREC recommendations for setbacks from shorelines.

Clean up Betts Pond

No comments received.

Zoning densities need for preservation districts and responsible growth areas. The whole county should not have 2 houses per acre minimum density!

Council should provide support to HOAs.

What areas are preferred for additional affordable housing?

Great bike/trail system. Let’s keep it going!

Yes, we need a parks and rec department! We need more public open space. County needs to acquire more open space and not rely upon state.

Use libraries as tech and job creation partners.

Funding for public libraries = return on investments for Sussex Countians.

More coordination between DelDOT / police / local government / community.

Preservation of historically significant properties. We don’t have many museums!

Preserve and protect historical buildings and areas.

I think we should save historical houses to help to preserve history πŸ™‚

Fund for developers to pay into for roadway improvements. More should be done to encourage bicycle and run/walk movements.

Need to plan for library services as development grows.

Fiber optic.

We need strong storm water control regulations.

High speed internet access – affordable.

More competition

  • cable
  • internet, etc

Seaford 9-29-16

Historical family ties.

Located close to metropolitan area yet rural and small.

Own land, Own business, Family roots, Rural roads, Fishing, hunting, non-urban, Conservative government.

Natural beauty! Rivers, wild areas, Chapel Branch, State Park, birding, natural areas.

The beaches and the bays!

The people helping to make this “get together” are awesome.

I love the neighborhoods, and the food people.

But too much fast food.

Bike lanes on highway 404, Recreation and beaches.

Parks and recreation, Open farmland, Beach.

Location – more open areas, close to large metro areas. Natural beauty, History, People.

Located within 3 hours of major metropolitan centers yet retains a rural culture.

Right in – right out, Like the bike lanes, Will need to widen 9-26-24-54, All roads where possible should get shoulders.

The secondary roads are of minimal width and there are no shoulders on the road way.

Flooded roads.

Lack of public transportation services.

Sussex County needs to do more to address transportation needs related to all the development taking place. Traffic is bad throughout eastern Sussex County.

Heavy traffic on 404 during summer tourist season, Also the excessive spread on both 404 and 16.

Low income transportation to health care, groceries, and jobs.

Route 13

  1. exits/entrances onto hwy volume of these continues to increase
  2. Crossovers from secondary roads – high rate of accidents / near misses

Roads cannot handle seasonal traffic. Get $ from our of state travelers / vacationers.

Safe places in high traffic areas to cross Rt 13 and Rt 113 (pedestrians).

Public transportation

  • Greater access for Western Sussex
  • Low-cost means for senior citizens to be able to shop, medical appts, etc

Last improvements by DART are good. More PR on Flex needed. Straight Run N/S on Rt 13 needed Delmar to Wilmington.

Cut DART East West commute times.

Too much traffic (too many crashes).

Differences between long-time residents and new people moving to area – lack of respect for heritage, farming.

Affordable housing without being dependent upon federal subsidy.

Oversight of county lands (land privately owned) which are in disrepair / trashy, Are there ordinances/codes in place to address these issues or are people needed for oversight?

County investment in AFFORDABLE housing for residents. County invest for 1st time buyers and sensible rent.

Over-development in Lewes, Rehoboth, Ocean View, Bethany etc. spread out homes.

Increased self determination for private land use.

Pleasing natives and new residents, especially with zoning agriculture next to residential.

It seems like over the years, too many builders have been taking over the forest .

P&Z and County Council need to charge code for distance between homes, build, chicken house, etc beyond which is code now.

Location of chicken houses is very close proximity to residential homes.

Long live trees.

Balancing zoning between residential, business, and agriculture.

Quality of our water, Preservation of Nanticoke, Preservation of farm lands and areas for recreation (no development for housing etc).

Expand, maintain (non) tax ditch drainage. Keep federal government out of (national parks) land occupation.

Cutting too many trees, Extend deer hunting seasons in cold weather, Encourage tree farms.

To keep as much farmland preserved as possible, Drinking water, Eliminating failing septic.

Air/ground pollution πŸ™ (cancer clusters) Keeping natural areas healthy and accessible.

Water quality, Water and keeping it clean.

Incongruent water quality standards between differing watersheds.

Stop polluting our water system.

Too much trash.

Sussex County needs to do something to clean up the Inland Bays and their tributaries. They need to be fishable and swimmable. It is a shame that 90% are polluted!

The COUNTY needs to invest in good paying jobs (union) with good benefits while respecting our natural resources.

Find 2 people to replace Melody if you can.

Economic development both county and city together – not as adversaries.

Mixed income is a must. Service workers cannot afford to live here.

Reduce, minimize, eliminate low income housing requirements.

Affordable housing – not determined by costs at beach areas.

AFFORDABLE may be a relative term but in West Sussex County we need housing options under $700 a month to help with homelessness/housing insecure.

More youth programming, Community center.

Regrow and reforest long live the trees!

Communicate, coordinate, cooperate, eliminate duplicate positions/operations.

Support of county for its communities.

Private funding only

Transportation increased network of road capacity for tourism.

Sussex County needs to upgrade roads, water, and sewer to meet the needs of all the new developments.

The western portion of the county has NO high speed interned. Would love to get into 21st century.

Encourage Verizon to update, maintain land lines.

County can contribute to keeping water charges at a minimum.

Georgetown 10-4-16

Near to beach, agriculture & urban combination, small towns, rural feel, diversity, bike friendly

Bike lanes close to beaches and parks

The small town feel standing up for keeping small businesses running. It’s home

Combination of rural/agriculture and tourism

Born & raised here, taxes, recreation, diversity of agriculture & housing

low re taxes, proximity to beaches, inaldn bays as recreation, housing options

Biking, shopping, beach, restaurants, open space

born & raised, it’s home. Love the back roads, nature

Rural and small towns-farms proximity to historical land natural resources not overrun by huge shopping centers

Potential for economic growth that would provide for opportunities for our young people to find jobs

  1. Nature, the seas, the dunes, the woods and the wildlife
  2. Open spaces, open skies
  3. State parks, trails, bike path
  4. The beauty of the above

Open space, fresh air, close to water

Where I live and where my ancestors have been and what is left of the environment

The bays, farmland, open space, country roads

Love business growth but low small town feeling too

Beach, bike ride, flat, rural, no I-95 type roads

Beaches, small town charm, bike trails, inland bays, restaurants, downtowns

2 miles from urban centers and nice pace of life

Only one kind of public transportation. Southern part of county is under-served

Traffic congestion on #9 and #1. Possible #1 by pass Lewes & Rehoboth. Possible passenger train Georgetown to Lewes

North/South connection, East/West Connections. Limited public transportation

Rt. 9 between Lewes and Georgetown is getting too congested with developments without a big enough road. Rt 24 by the middle school in Rehoboth general area is getting congested in morning. New elementary school likely to make it worse

Worried new road in Lewes can’t support increased population from new developments

Widen shoulders, widen/soften road edges, keep bike friendly, smaller rumple strips

Infrastructure, need more roads, bridges overpass

Quality public transportation is lacking. Appropriate signage for truck traffic to avoid Georgetown Circle is lacking.

Please notify citizens directly about future forums, etc. Give minimum 2 weeks notice

Failure of Delaware to adequately fund road needs in Sussex since 1973. the majority of road improvements have been paid for by the development community

Lack of for senior citizens. Lack of schedule all day long, lack of rural services, lack of east/west service, lack of transportation to BWI Airport and Philadelphia

Concern- DelDOT easements over private streets without assuring that developer informs buyers before or after settlement. This provides no opportunity for prospective buyers to make an informed choice

  1. Five points
  2. General traffic flow
  3. Unsafe conditions
  4. Speeding

Lack of public transportation

DelDOT’s practice of making deals with developers regarding for example, a change in community entrance – in the future – to include a private road connected at a futrue date, when a developer proposed to another private on public road

Need a bike lane along truck 9

Limited public transportation depending on developers to determine road requirements and construction, i.e. Gills Neck, Kings Highway. Big desire to get rid of county roads. Development vs. scenic byways

Do not enlarge roads to accommodate trucks when they go by folks’ front porches (is there info for citizens?)

Make Bicycle paths throughout county congestion or Rt. 54/20

Better public way finding signs along major corridors Route 1, 113 & 13 will help to keep towns vibrant, more businesses

Concern- the design of 1 to support u-turns, side service lanes and speeding. Speed limits need to be lower

Large developments. Five points needs a flyover. Heavy trucks on country roads

Alternative transportation options need to keep getting elevated priority. No addition to easier park and ride, services to downtown resort areas in season, water shuttle access point along inlands bays and waterways

East to West access on routes 9, 24, 26

Truck Rt. 9 needs shoulders

DART schedules are difficult to figure out (connection, times, costs, maps)

Traffic is at the saturation point and still everyone wants to increase development

  1. Speed limits on local access roads are too high
  2. Light cycles on turn lanes not long enough to clear the lane
  3. East & West Roads are inadequate for existing traffic volumes
  4. Sussex County spec for subdivision roads should meet DelDOT specifications

With all of the planned overpasses between Dover Air base and the Nassau Bridge, what happens to the volume traffic once it arrives at Rt 9

Concerns: too much density, too many cars, too small. The two lane shoulders and the disappearance of the land to be subsumed in macadem, hastening the climate problems

Seems unwise to have so many developments on small roads. Need to increase Route 9 between Lewes and Georgetown throughout. Put a pause on developers

Seems like way too many new developments along Route 9, Route 23, and new road in Lewes is getting congested. Worried about tall building in Lewes, Rehoboth and Dewey (like the Hyatt) over crowding and destroying quaintness

The major challenge is to stop development until there is a reasonable land us plan with ordinances to insure infrastructure, protect water supply, protect the environmental features we have

Thoughtful, carefully planned development. No need for more stores and commercial development in eastern Sussex; more appreciation for our historical and natural resource. Stop the cement

Eliminate density bonus program

Declare a moratorium on outer development until all ordinances that apply – especially open space definitions are rewritten

Require all developments to meet DelDOT requirements for interior streets

Need to better specify and identify business development districts within the county that play to the region’s strength i.e. tourism, agriculture, technology

Developers own the county. Enough is enough. Stop destroying our farmland

Moratorium on building homes

Control real estate taxes

Worried about shopping center on King’s Highway in Lewes across from Cape Henlopen High School. Congestion on small roads there. Alread hard to cross the road there.

Set the zoning as should be and leave it alone

In the face of “cluster housing” opportunities for developers, please reevaluate and strengthen definitions for “open space”

Too many large developments

For big developers and county council to understand that enough is enough

Regulations on development must be balanced and followed even if no growth forces show up to protest

  1. Entirely too much development adjacent to wetlands without adequate buffers.
  2. East Sussex County cannot grow more homes. Road system currently gridlocked during summer months.

Need more affordable housing for blue collar workers of the county

We need real planning!! Protect our resources and environment

Balancing regulation with economic growth

Better utilization of existing wastewater sewer services provided by municipals i.e. controlled growth in incorporated areas

Challenge-keeping the natural beauty and open space. Designing for beauty in developed spaces, especially public ones

Challenge-It seems the developers are running the zoning rather than elected officials or their planning staff

Flooding, do not build in flood zones. Alternate routes out of developments. Limit development, don’t destroy drinking water

Developers and realtors influence on how land is used. Rein it in

Strengthen well read protection ordinances

Make sure that all income levels have access to nature; sea, beach, woods, wildlife

Protect as much as humanly possible. Farm as much as humanly & sustainable possible diversity

Getting people to take pride int eh county and stop littering. Proper disposal and recycling are key

Preserving inland bays and specifically maintaining little Assawoman Bay as recreation

Biggest challenge is persuading the community to provide strong, intelligent and relevant protections for environmental areas as they’ve ignored

Preserve more land west of Rt 113 at Ellendale on Rt 16

Protect farmland. Slow development. Raise bar for how much developers must do to reduce their impact on environment

Farmland is best preserved by making farmland more profitable. Farmland programs directed at land under pressure to develop not as a welfare program for connected farmers

Increase buffer size for wetlands and other sensitive environmental features to be in line w/ DNREC guidelines

Preserving our inland bays environment, natural resources and our heritage (Lewes)

Ordinance for buffers for both tidal and non-tidal wetlands to bring county practices in line with DNREC’s recommendations

Develop ordinances to prohibit destruction of remaining forest cover. Critical for wildlife, water protection

Increase forest buffer depth requirements

Maintain greenspace especially adjacent to waterways and wetlands

Keep farmland as open space. Protect drinking water. Don’t build beyond capacity. Keep as rural area. Preserve wetlands

Conservation careful husbanding tighter hold of developers, preservation for open areas

Understand Impact of rampant unplanned development on aquifers, natural resources, and our beauty that attracts tourists and their money to our area. It is not stores!

Wildlife (lands & waters) farming and recreation water sources, storm & waste water absorption and cleansing

County should create AG/Business District along Rt 13 corridor and/or resurface to make farmland more viable and profitable as farmland

New ordinances- need both financial and environmental statements. These must be balanced. Least we destroy smart growth proposals. Creation of jobs for our young must take precedent

Any ordinances in the comp plan for implementation should include a financial impact statement and an employment impact statement

Major shopping: Costco, Target, Kohls in southwest Sussex County

  1. All new construction, impact fee. Developer pays four sidewalks, street lights
  2. Repair existing side walks

Affordable housing

Need much more affordable housing too many homes for the rich

More affordable housing on the east side of the county

Affordable senior housing for influx of baby boomers. Plus transportation to hospitals, doctors, grocery stores and airport

Fewere large and dense developments

Provide opportunities for long-time residents and hard-working newcomers to live with dignity amidst all levels of economic housing. Keep diversity alive

Permanently affordable home ownership

Consistently measure the value of open space pertaining to recreation, tourism and housing market

Realize impacts on natural resources. Protect CHSP., protect aquifers

Maintaining recreational waters for recreation-not commercial fishing

Continue with state park improvements and walking, hiking and biking trails

Less large, dense developments, more respect for environment and open space

WE need more open space and access to nature

DelDOT & government of Sussex need to be partners and include citizens as well as developers

Require DelDOT to do studies and sign off on any new developments and make developers pay the cost

Coordinate development with zoning plan and with transportation. Keep up the efforts for transparency and involve the public.

Funds for preservation

Historic tourism is and can be an even larger economic driver

Preserve the Allen school as a museum and program center, working with private sector & others

Preserve our heritage. Protect the gate-ways. Historic visitors generate economic advantage

No comments received

Encourage solar and win energy

broadband, broadband, broadband

Find alternative residential energy generation systems, i.e. solar/wind ability four residents to store power

Millville 10-5-16

Beaches, nature, cost of living, restaurants

The Inlet Bridge, most beautiful place in Sussex

  1. Natural Spaces: James Farm, DSSP, Assawoman Wildlife Refuge
  2. Beaches
  3. Taxes
  4. September & October”

Love living in Delaware! Overall our voice are head especially on the state level
Beaches, inland bays, restaurants

  1. Water recreational features- : swimming, fishing, kayaking, inland bays, ocean
  2. Clean H2O, my chief concern

Beach, natural areas, agriculture, local food and arts

  1. Clean environment
  2. Room to move freely
  3. Activities available
  4. Libraries

Beaches, small towns, inland bays, restaurants

  1. Tax Structure
  2. Rt 26 improvement
  3. Tourists keep taxes low
  4. Variety in activities
  5. People

Beaches, nature, restaurants, shopping, bike paths and bike lanes, sidewalks

Resorts, restaurants, activities, beach, farmland

  1. Rt 26 improvements to make cycling and walking easier
  2. Activities, parks and beaches
  3. Diversity and culture
  4. Waterways, boating
  5. Farmers markets”

Natural aspects: ocean, breach, marshes, birds, how to preserve

Diversity of county and city, open farmland, resorts, beaches, restaurants

  1. No tax shopping
  2. Open areas
  3. Peaceful

Recreation, cost of living, nature, waterways, restaurants, activities

Beach and bays

Rural, friendly, atmosphere. Outdoor amenities

Rt. 54, rapid increase in development lead to dangerous traffic congestion

Maintain rush hour traffic into Millsboro, takes 30 minutes sometimes

Roads with shoulders to allow biking and walking, infrastructure improvement to keep up with development

Transportation services for seniors who are home bound because they can no longer drive

Better bicycle access

Road infrastructure is not able to support rapid development

We need mass transit, railroad resurrection

Need to complete Rt. 9 truck route, park avenue realignment per County FAA needs

Stop development until the roads and infrastructures are adequate

Road infrastructure evacuation, transportation over development

  1. Lack of public transportation
  2. Slow development until better planning in place

Public transportation is inadequate for regular daily needs and seniors in particular but all residents

  1. Bus to beach down Rt. 26
  2. Bus to Rehoboth leaves from Bethany
  3. Improve traffic on Rt. 1 in Bethany, alternate routes

Better public way finding signage along Route 1, 113 & 13 to better direct traffic and move business to downtown/attractions

Rt 24 light on 113 during tourist season

More alternative public transportation options in addition to park and ride, water shuttle access point along inland bays and waterways during the high visitation season. Jitney services to downtown resort towns

Transportation is lifeblood and should not be left to homeowners. Poor roads means poor property values and depressed areas. Equal access to all not just the high end communities

Do away with private roads in communities and have them come under county and state. Change building requirements/subdivision requirements that force the builders to put in good roads to be turned over to the state/county. HOA’s do not have the money or expertise to adequately manage and maintain roads and even drainage ponds

How do you fix Logisticare and other private providers

  1. Redevelopment increases road traffic
  2. Mores public transportation including for the elderly
  3. Unsafe rural roads for traffic circles
  4. Control drug & alcohol use in cars and distracted drivers
  1. No or very limited public transportation
  2. Roads are inadequate to keep pace with the new developments

Data doesn’t support even though we know it’s a problem

Too much development of level 4 areas

Development too fast and too dense

Why are we encouraging more people to move here? How to preserve the open areas we have

We need senior housing on the water with a view for those of us who want to move from our big houses for water

Who do you talk to concerning developments that require retrofit storm water systems?

Waste disposal

Balancing recreation with economic growth

Over development, ARI zoning, traffic, need to change development for infrastructure

Development should be forced to install roads that meet or exceed state standards. Better to pay a little more for a home upfront (which could be financed) than have road repairs late with assessments or HOA’s holding large reserves controlling and misspending the money

Use of land and development without damage to the environment

Multi-family homes, inadequate infrastructure

County’s rules for land development are less strict than town rules. Concerned about commercial development on 26 West of Millville

Protection of waterways

  1. Bikeable/walkable communities
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Have developers make roads to DelDOT standards so they can maintain
  4. have wild life corridors for habitat

Developers should be forced to install roads that meet or exceed state standards

Population to much for the infrastructure

Too much residential without adequate infrastructure

Housing over development, congestion on roads

Housing density is too high

Transportation planning is terrible. There should be a moratorium on building until roads are adequate

Need to better specify and identify business development districts throughout the county that pay off. Current strengths and opportunities, i.e. tourism, agriculture, aviation and health care

Development results in more nutrient runoff per acre then agriculture. Little action taken to control runoff by limiting development

Slow down or stop further development until inland bays are healthier

Clean and clear inland bays exterior

Aquifer water supply- quality of water

Encouraging good water quality. Education lawn companies to fertilizing use, sprays, etc. for best results

Waste and storm H2O management

  1. Dredging
  2. Dumping Waste
  3. Clean Air


Development without adequate infrastructure to support additional population. We need smarter development

  1. Keep farmers farming
  2. Storm water runoff
  3. Shrinking permeable land – over development
  4. Waste water treatment
  5. Aging septic systems

Protecting our water supply, rural areas

Climate change, rising sea levels, dirty waterways, power plant, less development, keeping industrial agriculture out of the bays

  1. Water management, less flooding
  2. Improve water quality in bay
  3. Prepare for sea level rise
  4. Prepare for salt water intrusion

Water quality in bays, Rehoboth sewage issues

  1. Protecting the inland bays from runoff & pollution
  2. Water quality
  3. Navigation
  4. Dredging

Need smart development and more control over builders and developers

  1. SLR
  2. Beach maintenance and restoration
  3. Water quality
  1. Clean waterways, usable waterways balancing both
  2. Protecting wetlands forest & farmland from over development
  3. Need protected lands in Millville/Ocean View Area
  4. Catching runoff before it goes into the waterways
  5. Policing/fining those who do not abide by current laws/rules governing sediment control & runoff
  6. Conservation efforts to initiate sea level rise

The county should consider creating an AG/Business District along the Rt 13 corridor and elsewhere to make farmland more viable and perform as farmland while attracting surplus businesses to the county

Western Sussex county needs jobs for our youth. Promote Sussex to large companies in order to bring jobs here

Area’s set aside for small businesses like a small business incubator

Attract Trader Joe’s, Wegmans or Whole Foods

Improve schools in mid & western Sussex
Any ordinances proposed in the comp plan for implementation should include a financial impact statement and an employment impact statement

Better paying jobs, more education

Company which will recycle good waste

  1. Investment in areas like aerospace and other areas that attract better jbos
  2. Regional economic development mentality to include opportunities with wallops in agriculture

  1. Bikable, walkable
  2. Community gardens
  3. Shopping nearby community i.e. bank, grocery, drug store, cleaners

Review brands needed for residential and commercial. Plan for growth

Built environment and crime reduction

More sidewalks, safe neighborhoods

Parking in rear of stores so front is close to sidewalk

County needs to seek consistency with towns when nearing town borders, i.e. 26 West of Millville line

Smart growth, planning is needed

Smarter housing. Improve roads before allowing any additional housing

Market rate and affordable housing needs to be combined to make good communities

Developers taking on more financial risk by providing more roads, streets, sidewalks

Not everyone needs or wants huge house on 1/4 acre. More housing for average families

Affordable housing for minimum wage employees apartments

Slow down development east of 113

Developers afford housing needs payment in lieu along with density bonus to create housing funds

Affordable housing home ownership and rental housing

  1. Pickleball courts
  2. Interactive parks where people can write on blackboard
  3. Play games, jenga, corn hole, etc.

More parks, safer biking

Bicycle riders and cars to be able to safely co-exist on the road

Developing and navigation. More open space parks, bike trails

More cycling lanes

  1. Bikeable/walkable
  2. Dog parks
  3. Walking paths, bike paths/lanes
  4. Habitat for wildlife, i.e. corridors

Keep agriculture out of the bays, it will destroy recreation & tourism and not clean the water

Bicycle safety, more use if better lanes

Small town governments like Ocean View & millville run amok – like bad HOA’s. A few controlling everything and misspending. Reduce their power and provide oversight

Government find ways to work together

Stop approving housing developments where industry should be

Better state and county coordination. No more houses where DelDPT has no plans to improve

We don’t have adequate resources for oversight and enforcement of the plan. Please add this to the new plan

These small towns are out of control. The state or county needs more control. Ocean View and Millville are HOA’s on steroids and have no control over their spending. Tax & spend

Out of control tax & spend by Ocean View & Millville

Comp plans includes requirements to consult towns? What is criteria for consultation, i.e. consulting with town rules, proximity to town lines

Get the impression Sussex County sometimes does not play well with the state of Delaware, unfortunate. Sussex seems to be somewhat out of touch with the times and its diverse changing constituents

Need more before everything historic is gone

Preserve WWII towers for tourism

Remember that once something is gone, its gone. Great value to leaving some things along – history & mature

Bus lane on Route 1 like Ocean City

  1. Dredging and aids to navigation
  2. A plan to address private roads maintenance in communities with weak civic association

Peak job opportunities for our kids

  1. Natural gas available
  2. Sewer to all areas
  3. Wifi in towns
  4. Disaster plan escape routes

Develop ways to use gray water

  1. Verizon/wireless service is horrible, which is bad for business as well as personal
  2. FIOS would also be great for business and personal

Use solar and wind power as much as possible. Wifi available in towns

Replace mediacom with Verizon FIOS

Cellphone tower

Fios lines for TV, internet and telephone